About the Team

Kurkowski Business Management LLC is your online management team. A Virtual Agency Team that fits your needs and has skilled members in every every area that can help you master your business and level up your game.

01. Strategic

The team is here to make sure that you are strategically set up for success. You are getting put in front of your ideal clients with your best foot forward, and you being represented with all the right messaging! 

02. Professional

No matter what part of the team you are working with you will be treated, represented, shown the most professionalism. You are always part of the family but your business and your business needs always come first! 

03. Loyal

Confidentially and loyal is a number one priority around here. Your company deserves the chance to thrive and we are here to make that happen for you! 

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Its all about those numbers, when you hire a VA you save yourself on average about 78% of your annual operation costs because you do not need to pay for things like insurance, hourly wages, etc. Over 60% of VA are colleges educated as of 2021! It is just getting better and better, so it is time to jump on this before it leaves without you! 


Annual Savings


College Educated

Virtual Assistants

A Team Of Professionals

Kayla Kurkowski


She has been in business for over 8 years now on her own. She runs three businesses and knows the struggles of a successful business + what they need to survive!

She has a vast knowledge of making the backend of a business work to make it beautiful and attract your ideal client.

She has a photography company that specializes in wedding photography. Along with a coaching company that teaches small business owners how to build out the backends of their business to hit their revenue goals and accomplish all their dreams!

She never shies away from a challenge and is always down to try new things and can’t wait to meet you and what you have to bring to the table!



What VAs Do Best

Social Media Management

Stop spending time online trying to curate the perfect feed and connecting with your ideal clients online. Let our team handle it for you! We help you put your best foot forward online and get in front of those paying clients! 

Cerical Work

Are you getting overwhelmed with day-to-day tasking well running your business? Need help managing your email and schedule? The team has you covered! From your day-to-day tasks to client management.

Website Management

Design, upgrades, updates, hosting, and so many things come with managing your website to keep your website at the top of the search engines. Take the stress out of it and hand it off. 

Client Interactions

Have emails piled up? Having messages coming in on social media and having a hard time keeping them straight? Support emails, customer service emails, proposal emails, all getting gumbled? Its time to recuit help! 

Operational Support

Need to come up with new systems and processes and don’t know where to start? Need someone to handle recruitment, HR issues, or need someone to help you strategize with you? KB Management has your back! 

Personal Tasks

Schedule management, making doctor appointments, making sure you have downtime, knowing that. you have someone covering your business when you take time for yourself! That’s what we do best! 

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