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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for long term clients?

Absolutely! You can earn up to 25% off your package depending on your commitment you sign with Kurkowski Business Management LLC.  

Do I have to sign a long term commitment with Kurkowski Business Management LLC?

No! Not at all. You have a ton of options! You can do an hourly option, per project option, or monthly option. Whatever fits your budget, needs, and business.

Can I change my tasks needed to be done?

Yes! Each month you have the options to continue your current tasks or switch them out for new tasks. At the end of each month, you get an option to switch everything thing out and try something new! 

Can I upgrade or change my plan?

Of course! You can upgrade your plan at any time with no penalties. You can also put your plan on pause if you need to without any questions!

Cancellation fees do apply for canceling your contract before the terms are over. 

Will I have to talk to multiple people?

No! Your point of contact will always be Kayla, she will communicate with the team to make sure all of your projects get done. You will also have a dashboard to talk with the team and move tasks back and forth. 

How Can I pay Kurkowski Business Management LLC?

You can pay your invoices right inside your portals with any credit card, debit card, or Paypal account. 

Do you build websites along with having a preferred hosting service?

Yes! We build websites and host them in house!

What if I have more questions?

You can email Kayla directly at!

Ask her anything that you need to make yourself feel comfortable! 

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